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Myinstitutes is a one-stop web portal for choosing the educational institutes, training institutes or other courses in India and abroad. We are specialists in providing you the finest information about training institutes as well their ratings so that you can choose the most premium institute for education that raises your career to a higher level. We provide trustable and reliable information about thousands of institutions and courses they offer under classified categories to millions of students in India and abroad. Whether visitors to our web portal are looking for animation training courses, VFX, design courses, Aviation, Engineering or numerous other courses, we provide complete data with listings of institutes offering them in India as well as worldwide.

We at Myinstitutes deliver personalized information to the students seeking high-quality education, on the basis of their career choice and educational background. With detailed information about numerous institutions like courses, examination, admission requirements, rankings, reviews, placement stats, scholarships etc. students get the power to make career decision with great ease. We provide a seamless portal for students and institutions for best recommendation of career for the students, on the basis of their abilities and interests. We have several tools and sub-categories that help the students in every possible manner to get the information about the training and educational institutions in India and abroad. With our listings about every stream of education, students can reap great benefits and find the best institute in a stress-free manner. You can book for the course online with great ease using online payment gateway and confirm your seat. also help training providers and educational institutes to augment their institute to a higher level. Our platform helps them reach the education seekers at a higher level, which makes their institute attain higher ranking. Educational institutes can reach out to millions of seekers almost instantly as we have our user-friendly management system which enables you to manage your institute information on Educational institutes can announce fee discounts, special offers, jobs or scholarships on the website and your entire profile will be showcased on the website for education seekers to reach easily. helps the students get personalized career advice and we guide you through all the steps of making the right choice. We support you make a great training institute or educational institute decision, which is well informed in all aspects. You can easily shortlist the colleges on our well-designed portal and we will help you select the best college or training institute with detailed information on the process. Whether you are looking for Fashion design institutes or animation courses, guide you in college or institute selection with the right tools and guidance.

We also provide personalized listings for the aspirants on the basis of their educational qualifications. All you have to do is click on browse according to the categories and select the course and we will display all the listings of colleges and institutes under the category. These listings include course details, photo gallery, rankings, fee details, hostel details and affiliations of the institutes. We also help you pick up the right career with counseling and provide you the information on the career opportunities and admission eligibility to the course you are seeking admission to.

We at also provide services to educational institutes so that their institute gets more students and their rankings soar higher. The institute will be listed on the website and more students can register through the portal. Educational and training institutes can update their information at any time and post latest offers, discounts, jobs or classifieds for the students. We help you reach millions of training seekers and you will receive inquiries through e-mail or SMS instantly. Students can register online easily on your listings on the register tab which enhances your business as well as your reach.

We have experts that provide answers to your queries regarding any type of training institutes or colleges like aviation, animation, banking, colleges, fashion designing, IT schools, fire, and safety etc. Each aspirant is assigned a counselor on the requirement and the applicant can sail through the entire process of admission quite smoothly. These counselors can contact through Skype, Phone, or messaging apps.

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Any type of legal claim or controversy which arises out of or related to this Agreement or our services, besides the legal action we take to recover or gather damages for or attain any restriction related to, intellectual property, site operations and our services, will be settled only by binding settlement, according to the business related arbitration rules. Any type of claim or disagreement shall be settled on an individual basis and will not be associated in any negotiation with any right or dispute with any other party. This settlement shall be conducted in Bangalore, Karnataka, India and any verdict on this shall be taken to the court. Either of us (i.e. you or us) can seek any provisional or preliminary relief from a court having capable power in Bangalore, if necessary. This protection of rights can be used to protect both of ours interest until the completion of settlement. Both parties shall divide the fees and the cost of this settlement equally. considers the consumer’s privacy the first priority. We want to safeguard the interests of our patrons when they visit us. To this effect, we have prepared a Privacy Policy that discusses the actions that commence when you visit our website, and club it with our Terms of Use. The Privacy Policy may be subject to change as we update it constantly for the betterment of our client’s interests.

What information is being collected from you?

  • We often store in the form of cookies, site information when you visit us, on your computer. Cookies are small files which keep track of your log-in activity, traffic data, location information, logs and other pertinent information.
  • We house the information that you share with us when you fill up any one of our forms, or register with our website service.
  • Communication related information, from the times you contact us with any queries or complaints.
  • On occasions, we are known to gather customer information to provide a statistical analysis of our advertiser’s demographic.
  • Such information does not give away the owner’s identity. It is merely statistical data about your site visitation, not any personal details.
  • The aforementioned cookies that we discussed are stored on the customer’s computer when they visit us. They are downloaded automatically to the client-side. This data assists us in improving the customer experience by tailor-making our services and presenting it to them.
  • Cookie downloads are not harmful and our customers can be sure about that as well by blocking the automatic cookie download from our website, from their browser. However, certain sections of the website work only because of the cookies are able to retrieve certain information about your site usage; without enabling the same, you will not be able to use them.
  • Cookies are used by our advertising partner’s as well, over which we have no control. But the customer should not have to worry about those cookies till they interact with the advertisements themselves.

How will the information collected be used?

The information gathered by us, as mentioned above, is to improve your user experience. The same is applicable for our advertising partners as well. The information shall be used for the following reasons.

  • To furnish you with information regarding our services. To provide you with information about our products which we feel might interest you. Bear in mind, the same is done with customer’s prior knowledge.
  • To meet contractual obligations.
  • To inform our patrons of any changes on our website that may directly influence the usage of our services.
  • We sometimes inform customers of products based on their previous purchase history.
  • Sometimes this information about client interests is shared under a non-disclosure agreement, with our partners and advisers. They use it to inform you about products or services that might be of use to you.
  • We do not use this information without the customer’s consent.
  • The information used is only provided to our third party associates in a statistical format, no way identifiable of our customer’s identity.

  Storing your personal information:

  • Sometimes the information collected is shared with advertisers and clients outside. The agents operating the data have no inkling of your identity. The data is solely statistical in nature. The same is conducted only after your consent is shared with us.
  • The data, along with all transactional information is stored on our site’s secure servers.
  • You ensure when you setup a password, that it is confidential. If the password is compromised at your end, any loss of data resulting from the same, or data accessed from password-protected parts of the site due to the lapse at your end, cannot be accounted as our shortcoming in responsibility; keep your password safe.

Information disclosure:

The following information gets shared with your prior consent:

  • Where we sell our business to a third party.
  • Or the third party proposes business the other way round.
  • Where we have to share your information for legal reasons.
  • 3rd party links from our website.
  • To ensure that our services and patrons are protected from fraudulent activities.