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Welcome to Myinstitutes.Com, is a website with the purpose of searching information and listings about educational Institutes and colleges, study abroad programs, international education or training Institutes across the globe. We provide listings of colleges and institutes under various categories like Business colleges, Art schools, Engineering institutes, Designing colleges, Medical colleges, etc. Myinstitutes.Com provides elaborate listings of thousands of schools, colleges, institutes across India and Abroad for millions of users seeking admission.

Premium Institutions

We have listed the top 20 institution categories in all types of educational fields and you can choose to form the best institutes from the listings. Whether you are looking for the topmost MBA colleges in your area or the best engineering institutes, we have them all listed along with contact info and complete data. We provide you with listings of topmost institutions in various fields so that career-making decisions can be taken instantly, in a hassle-free manner. With listings of all the finest colleges and training institutes available at a glance, students can turn their dreams into reality with abundant information readily provided without any stress.


We have a complete list of colleges available on our web portal along with complete information about them. You can easily apply for admission through the link provided by us and get in with great ease. These topmost colleges based on your field of education may require entrance tests or previous marks for merit. Now you can decide your career prospects with great ease with listings of colleges at your disposal.


Are you looking for aviation training institutes, we have a list of the best institutes in the country and you can enroll in the institutes easily online. A career in the aviation industry can take you to unimaginable places and you can fly in the open skies without any bounds. Choose your institute today and give your career a kick start.


Banking training institutes listed in our websites are the finest and foremost ones, which provide you training about banking. Be a successful banker with high quality training from numerous reputed institutes around the country and gain high career prospects.


Animation is the new future of the film making industry and advertising. You can get premium quality training from animation training institutes listed on Myinstitutes.Com We ensure the high quality training provided by these top notch institutes that will make your career soar higher in the industry.

Fashion designing

Career in Fashion is quite fascinating with glamorous world waiting for you with open arms. A great career in fashion can make you reach great heights internationally. Fashion Designing institutes listed on Myinstitutes.Com are all excellent quality schools that provide you with high quality training.

Software training institutes

Information technology is one of the most booming industries nowadays as trained and skilled experts are needed in the industry. Software training institutes provide industrial training which is job oriented and Myinstitutes.Com delivers top notch schools that offer excellent training in software.

Hardware / Networking training institute

Hardware and networking technicians that can handle the sophisticated computer systems are in great demand nowadays and training in these courses can give a kick-start to your career. Myinstitutes.Com provide you complete details about some of the best institutes.