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Return & Refund policy

Myinstitutes.Com believes in going the extra mile to ensure our patrons who have subscribed to our listed programs feel that their investment is worth it. To this effect we have gone to great lengths to empathize with our consumers on our Return & Refund policy, which are as follows:

  • Myinstitutes.Com offers a variety of programs in a variety of streams. Each and every one of them come with a return & refund agreement clause of 48 hours from the time of purchase. Myinstitutes.Com holds it in its discretion to supersede that duration in exigent circumstances which shall be intimated of course.

  • We aspire to ensure that all our customers have an equally satisfying experience when subscribing to Myinstitutes.Com services. For any queries, assistance or complaints we recommend and entertain contacting our Customer Support / Technical Support helpline email or phone contact. There are certain aspects in which customer grievances simply are too arbitrary or out of scope to correct. In such a case a Return & Refund is immediately processed.

  • If a customer requests a refund for a recurring bill, then a refund is processed. In all cases, a return may not be necessarily applicable. However, the customer can rest assured a recurrent bill will not appear.

  • Certain services exist which cannot be returned. That is, the service is retained by the customer even if a Return & Refund request is invoked. In such a situation, the customer will be provided a refund with a certain percentage deducted at the company’s discretion, as appropriate for that particular service.

  • For a monthly recurring bill, should the customer choose to terminate the service, the service will be terminated, however a Return & Refund request will not be applicable; the month’s recurring bill will not be refunded. No bills shall further be charged.

  • The aforementioned clauses are part of the Myinstitutes.Com Client Contract, and are further elaborated within the same. By registering with Myinstitutes.Com the customer agrees to these Client Contract policies by default. The customer thus acknowledges that they are in full knowledge of the Returns & Refund policy and its superseding Terms & Conditions. Should you, as the customer, feel any need to disagree with the all-encompassing Client Contract, then the best solution for the same is to de-activate your account and therefore cease all services from Myinstitutes.Com. Please ensure that you understand, that none of the fees transacted prior to you ceasing your association with Myinstitutes.Com shall be refunded, under any condition; they shall be absorbed for services rendered up to the point, which is also a part of our Returns & Refund policy.

  • Our returns policy is applicable only for genuine concerns. The user must choose a genuine grievance and substantiate the same with proof to avail the return & refund policy’s benefits. Some items do not hold this merit because they are sustained by the user in entirety and replicable in nature. End of requirement does not qualify as a just cause to avail this policy.